Who We Are

Who We Are

The contemporary face of understated luxury

Kolonaki 8 – Design Suites & Lofts combines the best of the old school emblematic Athens with the comfort of premium accommodation facilities and up-to date tailor made services. That’s the epitome of our heartwarming hospitality philosophy, which reflects in the style of three luxurious types of Suites unfolding in the top three levels of a Kolonaki prestigious building.

Four Comfort Suites, four Superior Suites and two Designer’s Suites that highlight a penthouse hospitality experience according to their signature views, are a thoughtful collection of high-end apartments designed to satisfy the highest standards of our guests.

Hospitality, innovation and culture are our core values and our inspiration to create an innovating living concept: ten unique suites that display bespoke characteristics, balancing gracefully between chic upscale Athenian and contemporary industrial loft design.

Each Suite is decorated with personalized details, luxurious features and premium appliances that create indulging cityscape in an impeccable luxury accommodation in Athens Greece. Guests can relax and unwind from the city’s festive buzz, but also work, shop, host and get ready for serious business inspired by the contemporary Metropolis essence of Kolonaki.